Executive Comitee

The Club also has a binational steering group to which the following belong: Co-President Klaus Lohmann and Birgit Legel-Wood. According to the Club’s constitution, the Witten members of this group are honorary lifetime members of the Executive Committee.

Current committee members:

Rolf Ostermann

Vice President
Erich Bremm

Klaus Lohmann

General Manager
Werner Weis

Gisela Ocken

Deputy Treasurer
Sonja Leidemann

Committee member
Jannis Saelzer

Committee member
Julian Pier

Committee member
Uli Kuhnhenn

Susanne Träris

Club address

Barking & Dagenham Witten Club e.V.
Fredi-Ostermann-Straße 1
58454 Witten, Germany

email: info@barking-dagenham.de