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News from Barking & Dagenham – October 2023

Inclusive digital zones

At Barking Learning Center and Dagenham Library, the twin town has set up “inclusive digital zones.” There, computers are available that are specially adapted to the needs of disabled people. These include speech recognition and magnification, for example, as well as special keyboards. The associated furniture is adjustable and can be adapted to the respective needs. Also important for success: there are professionally trained instructors to help with the handling of the equipment.

Early practice for the future director

Although the first new film studios in Barking are not due to open for another year, training courses are already being offered in the vocational schools with a view to the new possibilities. So it made sense to use media students to help organize the first film festival at the Broadway Theater. They came into contact with professionals at screenings of short films, documentaries and animated films from around the world. Actors and producers of television shows and films gave impressions of their everyday work.

“Black” market ends “black” month

For a month, Barking and Dagenham celebrated the history of its “black” population. It concluded with a market that once again spotlighted residents of color. Businesses with operators of African descent and dedicated civic groups were highlighted. During the month, there were activities, especially in the schools, which were entertaining on the one hand, but on the other hand were intended to strengthen the self-confidence of the dark-skinned students.

Club address

Barking & Dagenham Witten Club e.V.
Fredi-Ostermann-Straße 1
58454 Witten, Germany